Something has always been seriously wrong with Nancy Pelosi but now it’s physical instead of merely mental. She is unable to give a simple speech without slurring the words. (At least the words she can actually remember) She should talk to Ashley Simpson to see if it’s possible to lip sync a speech. Recently she was bashing President Trump and she made the claim that Trump had cut 100 trillion from the education budget. She also tried to attack him on the tax reform bill. She is so far gone now that she won’t know what’s in a bill even after it passes.


On Friday, Pelosi got busted for spreading fake news to solicit donations. In her email, she wrote in the headline, “Mueller FIRED.”

Potential donors and those who viewed the email were intentionally led to believe that Trump had fired Mueller. But Trump hasn’t fired Mueller, so either Pelosi flat-out lied or she is confused about the facts.

Readers had to look at the tiny fine print at the bottom of the email before learning that Trump actually didn’t fire Mueller, and that Pelosi misled them and peddled fake news to solicit donations.

Pelosi continues to unintentionally make the perfect argument for why we need congressional term limits.

Pelosi has found that Alzheimer’s does have it’s advantages. She gets to meet new people every day and she can even throw herself a surprise party. I wonder what would happen if the Democrats retake the House and make her Speaker? I mean, she can’t speak. Maybe they could make her Slurrer of the House instead.

More and more Democrats in the House or running for a seat in the House are either declaring they won’t vote for her or they dodge the question altogether.


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