House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are pushing blatant lies in fundraising emails to supporters.

“I will NOT allow Putin to set foot in the United States. I need 100,000 signatures to BLOCK his visit and keep our elections safe. I need you to sign before midnight,” Pelosi wrote in a DCCC fundraising email sent out on Sunday.

By Sunday, the DCCC claimed to have amassed more than 88,000 signatures based on the phony petition.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

The DCCC circulated a second misleading petition on Sunday as well.

That email claimed the DCCC needed 1.2 million signatures “before midnight to ensure protection for Robert Mueller,” and that “1,175,805 strong Democrats” had already signed.

The reality is that no number of signatures on a DCCC petition will “block” Putin’s visit or force Trump to hold off on firing Mueller, if he so chooses.

But there is a purpose to the misinformation: Anyone who signs either DCCC petition is taken to a donation page asking them to “chip in” for Democratic candidates.

Naturally, neither Pelosi nor the DCCC were available for comments.  Liars caught red-handed rarely ever are.

This isn’t the first time Pelosi got caught sending out lying fundraising emails.  Pelosi recently sent out an email where the subject line stated that Donald Trump fired Robert Mueller, another blatant lie.

The DCCC has repeatedly used dishonest fundraising tactics this year, including one where the email said if they got a certain amount of signatures Trump would be forced to sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller.  Despicable!

Democrats are getting desperate, as their prospects for taking back majorities in Congress this November are dwindling by the day.  Unfortunately for them, they only have one playbook, and it’s been played out for decades.

Here’s the best campaign we know of to prevent election fraud:

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