When the Republicans were about to release their FISA memo, Adam Bullschiff complained that the memo included sources and methods and would undermine the FBI and DOJ. Then the memo came out and no such sources or methods appeared in it. Then Bullschiff wrote a Democratic rebuttal chock full of sources and methods so he could complain when it could not be released.

His problem is that everyone knows he does nothing but lie and only the most undereducated Democratic voters are buying his lame story. He has since denied that he did it on purpose even though several reporters noted before it’s release that it was Bullschiff’s game plan.



By complaining that the Republican memo had sources and methods within it’s four pages, Bullschiff showed that he was aware that adding such material was dangerous to national security but he threw in tons of it in his 10 page memo, which proves he either did it on purpose or that he is dumber than a rock. I don’t know. That one is way too close to call. It’s probably a combination of both.

Additionally, if the release of the memo quickly was so vital, why didn’t they rewrite it over the weekend instead of going home? because it will allow them to continue their propaganda campaign by a few extra days because once their memo comes out it will be picked apart and Bullschiff’s narrative will crash and burn.




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