As it turns out, besides the fact that the election for the congressional seat in Maine District 02 was awarded to the candidate with the least number of votes (by 2,632), it now appears that the legal vote was not that close. The Maine GOP has seventeen signed declarations from voters in Maine District 01 that they were given ballots for District 02. District 01 is very heavily Democrat, whereas District 02 favors Republicans. It now appears that they were trying to cook the books in Maine District 02, and even with voter fraud, they came up short, but still managed to name the Democrat as the winner of the election.

From Breitbart News

The Maine Republican Party called on Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap on Thursday to launch an investigation into election irregularities it has uncovered in the controversial 2nd congressional district election held on November 6.

The party released evidence of those irregularities on Thursday: 17 sworn affidavits from voters who are residents of four towns in southern Maine that are part of the 1st Congressional District, who say that on election day, they were given ballots for the November 6 election in the 2nd Congressional District between Democrat Jared Golden and Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME-02).

As Breitbart News reported, “Secretary of State Dunlap, a Democrat, declared Democrat Jared Golden the winner of the election on November 15, despite the fact that Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME-02) received 2,632 more votes than Golden on election day, a consequence of the state’s implementation of a controversial ‘rank voting’ system.”

Savage noted that a number of questions should be addressed in the investigation, including (1) How many more were also handed out in error in other parts of the state? (2) Did similar problems occur in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District as well as Maine’s 1st Congressional District? (3) Were any of these erroneously distributed ballots to residents of the 1st Congressional District counted in the vote totals reported by the Secretary of State in the 2nd Congressional District race?

The signed affidavits can be seen here.

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