Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday to talk about recently released transcripts of former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney Lisa Page, declaring that it’s time to appoint a special counsel to investigate “potential crimes” by the DOJ and the FBI.

Graham is referring to crimes committed during the first attempted government coup in our nation’s history by the Obama administration, particularly the DOJ, FBI, and the intelligence community, where they collectively used the powers of government to exonerate Hillary Clinton from her very serious crimes while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State, and framing candidate and then President Donald Trump.


“Did they short-circuit the Clinton email investigation because they wanted her to win? Did they start the Russian investigation against Trump as an insurance policy in case he did win? Those are the questions I’ll try and get answers to,” said Graham.

“We need a special counsel to look at potential crimes by the Department of Justice, the FBI regarding the Clinton email investigation and the Russia investigation against Trump,” he added

The people in the Obama administration were so certain that Clinton was going to win the election that they committed a massive amount of crimes and abuses of power to try to rig the election in Clinton’s favor, because they knew after she won everything they did on her behalf would be swept under the rug.  It was perfect.

But then she didn’t win.  Donald Trump won.  The election was in November, and that meant that the Obama people had less than three months to cover up everything they did in order to get away with it.  How could they do that?  Even though part of the crime was to get themselves into the secretive FISA system, so that they didn’t have to parade around openly attacking a presidential candidate, there was still a lot of evidence to be found.

Fired and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey was the stone wall that was blocking any attempt to investigate what they did.  He would stop any lower level FBI agent from looking into the crimes they committed.

But, then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo to President Trump recommending that he fire Comey.  The president took Rosenstein’s advice and fired Comey. Here’s where it gets good.

Now that the stone wall was gone, the rest of the Obama cabal panicked.  Who would block any investigation that started on what happened during the election?  They chose Robert Mueller.

Most people still don’t know this, but on May 16, 2017, Rod Rosenstein escorted Robert Mueller through the White House to interview for the FBI Director job to take Comey’s old position.  He was a shoo-in for the job, since he had already served as FBI Director some years before.  But Trump didn’t hire him, because he didn’t want someone in the director position from the Bush years.  The Bush years were about terrorism, and Trump wanted someone he knew.

So, the very next day, on May 17, 2017, Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel to investigate Trump-Russia collusion sparked because Trump fired James Comey (based on Rosenstein’s recommendation!), with Democrats screaming that Trump fired Comey to obstruct the collusion investigation at the FBI.  You really can’t make this stuff up.

Lindsey Graham wants to get to the bottom of all of it, including how the DOJ ordered the FBI to not investigate Hillary Clinton over her gross negligence in handling classified  information in emails on her private email server, and hopefully he’ll even get into the Uranium One scandal that involved Robert Mueller as FBI Director, and Rod Rosenstein, who served as the U.S Attorney out of Maryland and who had oversight over the Uranium One FBI investigation where all kinds of bribes and kickbacks were discovered, including a $145 million bribe to Hillary Clinton for her influence over the CFIUS board that in the end voted to allow the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russians!  Again, you cannot make this stuff up.

Over the course of the past two years enough evidence has been discovered to put these people away for decades.  The question is, are there enough deep state scumbags still left in the FBI and DOJ to thwart Graham’s committee’s efforts?  We shall see.

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