The enigma known as antifa was active this weekend where they used their usual intimidation tactics like fascists always do. They use violence like the Nazis did. And they disrespected the United States like domestic terrorists always do. The truth is, these kids get their kicks by tearing things up in an atmosphere where the left won’t allow them to be punished. Dollars to donuts, if you try to engage them on the issues, they won’t have a clue what you are talking about, and they only know what they saw because they are really good at memorizing liberal talking points.

From Breitbart News

In a video by Breitbart News’ Ian Mason, Antifa members and open borders activists can be heard and seen marching down streets throughout Washington, DC, demanding an end to the United States.

“No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa and open borders activists chanted.

The mob of left-wing activists carried red flags and wore all black with masks and helmets on their heads as a counter-protest to the “Unite the Right 2” protest that took place in Lafayette Park.

Though Antifa labels itself as “anti-fascists,” the group is known for attacking and threatening onlookers, police, and supporters of President Trump.

If they hate this country so much, why don’t they go to one that matches what they say they want? Like Venezuela, perhaps. Let them try their shtick there. They will find out what real terror is. Even worse, in Venezuela, most mommies don’t have basements. They also don’t have welfare or food stamps. But other than that and the 200,000% inflation, it’s a great life, as long as you aren’t hung up on food and clean clothes. We know they aren’t obsessed with clean clothes.

A personal message from David…

This reminds me of when my wife and I were in Washington DC for Donald J. Trump’s inauguration  ceremony. We were so excited to see him sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. We made our way from the hotel to the subway, and got off at the stop that was suggested closest to our gate. We ventured up the escalator to the street associated with our entrance.

Before we could get anywhere near the actual entrance, the street was blocked with people linked arm-in-arm from one building to another.  There were several people behind the initial row making a very definite wall of people. As we approached, they were all shouting derogatory and negative rants about President Trump. And they were hell-bent on not letting anyone pass.

My bride and I turned around and walked back to the street corner, and walked up the block to the next street along with lots of other people looking to do the same thing. We wound up having to walk about an additional 12 blocks because every street we came to and looked down towards the entrance, we saw another wall of people, linked arm-in-arm from building to building.

By now, my wife’s patience had grown extremely thin… And mine as well. So I approached them this time looking for a weak spot in their chain where I might be able to break through.

I approached the first spot where a young man and a young girl were linked arm-in-arm and tried to walk through them. They both shrugged their shoulders and arms to push me back. I walked down the line of people to find the next spot where I might try to do the same thing, and the same thing happened. I walked all the way to the end of their line, and found an early-70s-year-old lady standing there chanting the same anti-Trump rhetoric. I thought to myself, “there’s no way this little old lady is going to keep me from getting past her.”

Right before I made my move to bulldoze by this woman, I turned and looked at my bride… She was so elegant and  beautiful, and I could tell very tired of dealing with all the drama. I realized that it would probably just make matters worse if I executed my plan, and I would be dragging her behind me in the middle of it. So instead, I opened up my my phone and hopped on Facebook live.

I asked the lady a few questions as to why she was having such an issue with Donald Trump. She regurgitated the same garbage that her and every other brainwashed individual that watches CNN regurgitates. But there was one thing that I thought we could agree on, as Isis had been launching terrorist attack after terrorist attack, and we all know they want to get into our country, so I asked the woman… “do you feel that there is a problem with radical Islamic terrorism?”

She stared at me like a raccoon in headlights. I thought to myself “ohhhh, this is interesting,” so I asked her again “do you feel like there’s a problem with radical Islamic terrorism?” She completely changed her tune, and refused to open her mouth. It was like she had been coached or something to not even talk about this topic. So I walk down the line of people, still on Facebook live, and I asked the next person I saw that made eye contact with me. She was wearing one of those nice pink hats with two points on each side, and as soon as she saw that I was on Facebook live, she gave me and my viewers the middle finger.

I asked her, “do you feel that there was a problem with radical Islamic terrorism?” And wouldn’t you know it, she gave me the same silent treatment as the first lady. She refused to answer or say anything about the topic. I said to myself, “this is very interesting, no one wants to talk about radical Islamic terrorism.” So I walked down the line a few people and asked the next protester the same question. And I got the same stone-faced, raccoon-eyed expression. No one wanted to talk about something that I felt was important, and something I believed all Americans should’ve wanted to talk about.

You see, Hillary made it very clear that she wanted to open our borders and increase the amount of refugees coming into our country. And with radical Islamic terrorist attacks happening all over, you would have to be an idiot to believe they wouldn’t try to get into our country. To me, securing our borders makes us all safer. That was a huge reason to support Donald Trump for president. He wanted to make sure the doors to our house are locked, and only those who were invited, or decided to come in legally, should have access to our home… And I love that!

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