GOP Senate doxxer, Jackson Cosko will have to remain in jail until his case goes to trial, which could take a year or more. Unless……………… Let’s suppose he wasn’t alone in this. He was working for a far left political group. What if he was ordered to dox the Republicans? If so, naming names could help his case. On the other hand, if this was all him, he can expect a long stretch in a federal penitentiary. The good news for Cosko is that by time he is convicted, he will have built up considerable time served. He could receive up to 50 years if convicted on all counts.

From The Washington Times

Jackson Cosko, the former Democratic staffer accused of “doxing” Republican senators by leaking their personal information, was ordered held without bond Tuesday, with the judge saying he posed a risk to the community.

Prosecutors revealed investigators found cocaine and methamphetamine during a search of his possessions, and speculated he may have been under the influence when, according to police, he used his government credentials to post personal information of some lawmakers at the height of the grueling Kavanaugh-nomination fracas, and broke into a senator’s office while threatening to release other information.

Those threats seemed to worry Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, who ordered him held without bond, rejecting his lawyers’ pleas that he be released on strict conditions.

Even an offer of having him turned over to his parents, with orders to stay away from electronic devices and wear an ankle bracelet, weren’t enough to sway Judge Robinson.

Just another deranged, drugged up liberal. There’s no way prosecutors should give him a plea deal that sees him serving less than 20 years.

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