Judge Emmet G Sullivan’s patience is wearing thin. He has long had a reputation as a judge who allows no nonsense from prosecutors who appear before him, and Mueller has long had the reputation of being a dirty cop. They were bound to conflict. Fortunately, the judge has the final say. Mueller failed to produce the original 302 on Flynn and only came up with the altered one that took place seven months after the fact. The FBI is holding a document that would exonerate Flynn, but Christopher Wray refuses to release it. The original FBI agent who questioned Flynn wants to testify on his behalf, but Deep Stater Rod Rosenstein refuses to let him testify.

From The Conservative Tribune

“U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered Mueller late Wednesday to turn over all of the government’s documents and ‘memoranda’ related to Flynn’s questioning. The extraordinary demand puts Mueller under the microscope, and sets a 3:00 p.m. EST Friday deadline for the special counsel’s office to produce the sensitive FBI documents,” Fox News reported.

The move came one day after the filing, which said that then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had made the request that Flynn go lawyer-less.

McCabe had said he “felt that we needed to have two of our agents sit down” with Flynn and talk about contacts with Russian officials.

“I explained that I thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between (Flynn) and the agents only,” McCabe wrote.

This is a pure setup. Without Flynn being guilty of a crime, firing Comey, who now claims Trump asked him to drop the investigation, there can be no obstruction charges against the president.

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