It’s a good thing that John Legend can sing because he could never make a living with that brain of his. He says we can’t call the murderers in MS-13 animals because they were babies once. If we accept that defense then Legend is also defending Hitler, the KKK, Stalin and Manson because they were all babies once too. But we all know that is total BS as does Legend himself. His Trump derangement illness has reached the advanced stages where everything bad that happens is Trump’s fault. But Legend makes the fatal mistake in thinking we take anything he says seriously. I just hope that all liberals run their campaigns in 2018 by defending MS-13.


From The Daily Caller

Musician John Legend attacked President Donald Trump Thursday for referring to violent MS-13 gang members as “animals,” saying that it is “much more honest and challenging to realize they were all babies once.”

Reflecting on the news of the day from the hospital with his newborn son, Legend argued that heinous actions did not change the fact that even the worst offenders MS-13 had to offer were still human.

I was going to say something really bad about Legend, until I realized he was once a baby. Of course that was just last week. Excusing evil is evil.



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