John Bolton, the White House National Security Adviser, said on Sunday that the momentum is on the side of Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaido.  He added that President Nicolas Maduro “fears” that if he orders Guaido’s arrest “it would not be obeyed.”

“I think momentum is on Guaido’s side. Reports in the press that … the military hasn’t shifted miss the point entirely,” Bolton said in an interview with “This Week” Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz Sunday. “They have not sought to arrest Guaido and the National Assembly in the opposition, and I think one reason for that is that Maduro fears if he gave that order, it would not be obeyed.”

Fifty countries, including the United States, have backed Guaido, the self-declared president of Venezuela and his opposition movement.

“The fact is,  and the media don’t know it because people don’t talk about this, there are countless conversations going on between members of the National Assembly and members of the military in Venezuela; talking about what might come, how they might move to support the opposition,” Bolton said. “They’re not going to broadcast that.”

Maduro knows at this point that his days in power are numbered.  He and his regime are currently in the position of waiting and hoping a miracle will come along change the current political climate, but the longer time goes forward, the more hungry the Venezuelan people get.

Bolton tweeted last week that  President Trump “has made it clear to Nicolas Maduro and those around him, ‘all options are on the table.'”

During the first interview with an American news network in years, Maduro said to ABC News Anchor and Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas that phrases like “all options are open,” are “a threat for war.”

In the same interview, Maduro said he fears the people advising Trump, including his National Security Adviser, who the dictator referred to as “an extremist and expert of the Cold War.”

An extremist would be a leader who allows his country to go down the sewer and gets fat while watching his people starve to death.

“I think these people surrounding President Trump and advising him on Venezuelan policies are bad. And I think that at one point, President Trump will have to say ‘stop, stop, we have to see what happens with Venezuela,’ and change his policy,” Maduro said.

The world has already seen what is happening in Venezuela.  It’s why Maduro is in the position he’s in now.  The socialists took the richest and most vibrant country in South America and destroyed it.  When they nationalized the oil industry and others, they squandered many resources that kept the economy strong.  The average weight loss among Venezuelans is 24 pounds, and almost 90 percent of the people now live in poverty.

When asked by Raddatz if he’s pretty certain about Maduro going to be out, Bolton replied, ” I’m not certain of anything.”

He added, “I think the overwhelming support of the population and the overwhelming support of the enlisted personnel in the military and the junior officers” is for Guaido.”We’ll see what happens.”

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