Former Vice President Joe Biden likes to portray himself as good old Uncle Joe, a man who can relate to the people.  But make no mistake, Joe Biden is vicious when campaigning, and he has the backing of a compliant establishment news media, who rarely, if ever, calls him on some of the tactics he’s pulled over the past.

Virginia GOP Chairman Jack Wilson recently slammed Biden for hiring Cristobal Alex, the creator of the “despicable” 2017 Latino Victory Fund ad.

Biden’s team revealed this week that they hired the former head of the group that ran the ad the whole nation heard about, which ran in the 2017 Virginia governor’s race portraying a white Trump and Ed Gillespie supporter driving a pickup truck, with a confederate flag on the rear bumper, trying to run down minority children.  The Gillespie campaign condemned the ad as “disgusting” and an “attack on the people of Virginia,” causing the group to pull the ad, but they never apologized for running it.

Wilson told Breitbart News on Sunday that Biden’s hiring of Cristobal reveals that Biden remains out of touch with the American people.

“There is no question that the LVF fund ad was despicable, and given current events, it was obviously targeted at the wrong candidate for governor. We’re not surprised that someone like Joe Biden would hire such a divisive figure,” Wilson said. “Biden is too out of touch with the American people to even win the circus that is the Democrat 2020 primary.”

Remember, Joe Biden said of Mitt Romney, probably the nicest man who ever ran for president, to a black audience that he wanted to put them all back in chains.


Can you image?  Can you imagine a sitting vice president of the United States, a Democrat no less, saying something like this about a Republican ticket?  That was the moment I realized what a scumbag Joe Biden really is.  And that was before I learned of his sexual groping problem where he touches young girls and other men’s wives inappropriately.  And no one in the establishment news media called the move out as racist or sexist.  Mitt Romney has never had a single incident where he could be labeled as a racist, and so, for Biden to say such a thing, to a black audience, was nothing more than a racist move to label an opposing ticket as racist.

Here’s the controversial LVF ad that was run during the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial primary, which says volumes for how far Biden is willing to go to win the nomination and beat Donald Trump in 2020:


From Breitbart:

Biden’s potential announcement as a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate serves as a contrast to many younger, female, and more diverse Democrat primary candidates such as Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Cory Booker (D-NJ), which may harm his chances for gaining the nomination against a rising field of new, more diverse, Democrats. Further, Biden’s more moderate political views may dissuade Democrat voters who have increasingly adopted more progressive views and championed proposals such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

“I think we need a bold, strong leadership, and you’ll find that in the progressives,” one potential Democrat voter, Carol Evans, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota this week.

Biden’s hiring of Alex may be a sign of reaching out for support from the minority anti-white-male portion of the Democrat Party in the same way it did for Virginia’s now racially-embattled Governor Ralph Northam.  Republicans need to remind voters how the same team Biden just hired got a man elected governor of Virginia who wore blackface in his past and during an interview in the middle of that controversy referred to slaves as “indentured servants.”

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