The irony in Nike’s most recent actions is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The same company that insists that Colin Kaepernick has the unalienable right to protest and dishonor America’s heroes does not share that same belief when a peaceful demonstrator protested their company. They called the police on them to break them up. The man, Jimmie Cavin, did not harass any store employee and did not interfere or interact with any of its customers. He was merely waving the Blue Lives Matter flag to show his support for the nation’s policemen and policewomen.

From The Conservative Tribune

Now, just to clarify, a lone Arkansas store obviously doesn’t represent Nike as a whole. But when Nike chose to use noted anti-police protester Colin Kaepernick as the face of their 30th anniversary ads, they had to know about these types of potential ramifications.

The irony is readily apparent.

First, Nike resorting to police officers is laughable considering that the choice of their new advertising campaign infamously wore socks depicting all officers as pigs.

Nike made it pretty clear by standing with Kaepernick about how they felt about police officers. Funny how Nike needed those slave-catching pigs to come to their aid when someone else was  protesting near one of their stores.

Another bit of irony stems from the fact that Nike and other anthem protest supporters all like to talk about how Kaepernick and other protesters are peaceably protesting. In fairness, they are correct and it is a fundamentally American right to peaceably protest. Which is exactly what Cavin was doing to Nike.

The police came and checked out what Cavin was doing, quickly determined that he was not breaking any laws and allowed him to remain. The final irony is that Nike called the police to deal with a man for supporting the police.

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