It might be wise to go tinkle before you watch this video. It could save you from embarrassment. The Republicans’ favorite actor has scored another bullseye after tweeting out an episode of Dr. Phil with a rich, spoiled girl who has decided she’s not spoiled nearly enough. Her mother is willing to give her an allowance of $1,000 a month and bought her a Mercedes C-Class. But, she insists she needs $2,500 a month and a G-Wagon Mercedes. Dr. Phil pointed out that he doesn’t drive a 231,000 dollar car and he has a good job.  Oh, did I mention she doesn’t want to get a job because it’s too much work?

From The Conservative Tribune

The teenager was also extremely averse to his advice that she get a job and contribute to society instead of just taking from it. (Remind you of anyone?)

“You need to work out something where she becomes productive and makes a contribution to society,” Dr. Phil told her mother.

The girl was having none of this. She started crying and moaning, “Nooo.”

“No, I don’t want a job,” she cried. “It’s so much work.”

Once the comparison is made, it’s hard not to see similarities between the girl’s attitude and those of some Democrats.

Feels entitled to the fruits of other people’s work? Check.

Arrogant and selfish? Check.

Contributes nothing to society while having a deep-seated hatred of actual work? Double check.

As Woods points out, she’s a born Democrat voter!


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