Hamas must have noticed how successfully George Soros has funded riots in Ferguson and other hot spots in the United States. That’s why they are paying rioters on the Israeli border between $100 and $3,000 dollars, depending on what happens to you. If you show up and riot, you get $100. If you get shot, even with a rubber bullet, you get $200. If you are seriously injured you get $500 and if you are killed, your family gets $3,000. Life is cheap to Hamas I guess and to the liberals who support them. I’ve noticed that liberals for the most part have stopped pretending to support Israel. Which is funny considering how they insisted that President Trump was bigoted against Jews.

Reporter Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag wrote this witty take on liberals and media defending those who riot:

“Hamas supporters in Gaza held the world’s first peaceful protest with hand grenades, pipe bombs, cleavers and guns. Ten explosive devices were peacefully detonated. There were outbursts of peaceful gunfire and over a dozen kites carrying firebombs were sent into Israel where they started 23 peaceful fires. And Israeli soldiers peacefully defended their country leaving multiple Hamas attackers at peace.” 


But, where are they getting the money for this expensive plan?

From The Conservative Tribune

Set aside for a moment the dichotomy between Hamas-paid protesters earning $100 per day or more to set fires and sling rocks as compared to the Israeli Defense Force soldiers they faced off against earning a mere $13 per day, and take a guess where the largely bankrupt Hamas government that oppresses Gaza obtained the money to reward poor protesters and rioters so handsomely.

If you guessed the Islamic Republic of Iran, you would be correct. But even that terrorism-supporting nation isn’t exactly the most prosperous on earth, or even in the Middle Eastern region, so where did it get the money from to fund Hamas?

The answer lies with those pallets loaded with cash and gold delivered to Iran in cargo planes by the Obama administration to help secure the release of hostages and Iran’s involvement in the ridiculous nuclear deal.

The Obama song is over but the malady lives on.


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