On Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley raised the possibility that next week’s open hearing Democrat circus to examine the sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may be canceled if the accuser doesn’t accept the committee’s invitation.

Grassley (R-IA), scheduled a hearing for Monday for Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Blasey Ford to answer questions from senators about the allegation.  However, Grassley said during a Tuesday radio interview that his office has reached out several times to Ford and her attorneys to talk about her allegation, but he hasn’t heard back yet.

“We have reached out to her in the last 36 hours three or four times by email and we have not heard from them, and it kind of raises the question, do they want to come to the public hearing or not?” Grassley said on The Hugh Hewitt Show.

Grassley said that he doesn’t see a reason to hold the hearing when asked if it would still happen if Ford didn’t appear.

“What would be the purpose of the hearing if Dr. Ford doesn’t want to respond?” Grassley said.

From Fox News:

Ford declining to appear Monday wouldn’t necessarily automatically kill the hearing. Another member of the committee, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, said  “I think so” when reporters asked Tuesday if Republicans would still have the hearing with Ford absent.

In the case Ford accepts the invitation, Grassley said he is considering the possibility of having an independent questioner ask all the questions to Ford.

Ford, a California-based professor, revealed her identity over the weekend in a Washington Post report. She said that Kavanaugh, while in high school, pinned her down, tried to remove her bathing suit and put his hand over her mouth when she attempted to scream. Kavanaugh has denied the allegation.

The last minute hearing announcement brought up memories of the 1991 Clarence Thomas attacks by Democrats who didn’t want the country to see a black conservative, Constitutional-loving man on the the Supreme Court, so they scrambled to arrange a hearing after Thomas was confronted with sexual harassment accusations by Anita Hill, who was pushed into the limelight by Democrats and activists.  Thomas vehemently denied the allegations, and was eventually confirmed by a narrow margin.

There’s a lot of speculation that about whether or not Ford will accept the invitation after reports came out that she was at first reluctant to go public with her accusations against Kavanaugh.

Democrats have done everything they can to damage Kavanaugh’s confirmation and nothing stuck, so they went with their playbook and threw a sexual assault accusation at him.  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) knew about the accusation since the summer, but held off on releasing it to the world until right before the confirmation vote was to take place.  She met with Kavanaugh more than once, and never asked him about the accusations, which adds to the belief that the whole thing is a farce designed to crush the Kavanaugh confirmation.

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