Maine could have two GOP senators after the November election. That is because it is a three way race with two progressives and one Republican. The two progressives will grab off each other’s votes in the general election. The incumbent, Angus King is an independent but he caucuses with the Democrats. He will be facing Republican Eric Brakey and Democratic candidate Zak Ringelstein in the November 2018 elections. Maine has started a new way of voting. They do a ranking system and that might be King’s downfall. Voters will rank them 1 through 3 and then they add up the points and the one with the most points win.

Howeer, if you want Ringelstein to win, you would put Brakey in second, so as to withhold points from King. And King voters should do the same thing. And the voters who want Brakey to win would put Ringelstein in second unless he is ahead of King in the polls. The idea was to deny Republicans from winning with less than 50% of the vote but this system could do just the opposite.

From The Daily Caller

Ringelstein also won Tuesday’s primary elections after running unopposed. Ringelstein’s campaign motto is “No Pacs or Lobbyists. Just People.” “We need to get big money out of politics immediately so that we can enact Medicare For All, defeat climate change, end the era of college debt, invest in our public schools, create living wage jobs, and prioritize the working class over big banks,” Ringelstein wrote on his campaign website. (RELATED: GOP Shawn Moody Sweeps Maine Gubernatorial Primary Race)

King grabbed the Senate seat in 2012 when former Sen. Olympia Snowe decided to forgo a re-election bid. King announced his bid for re-election on May 31. “This is not a time to walk away from the United States government,” he said at the announcement. “There is so much left to be done.”

The GOP has a slim shot of winning 9 seats and creating a filibuster proof majority.


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