Prepare for the hue and cry from the Democrats over a bill that would make illegal aliens felons. At the present time, someone could enter the US illegally a dozen times and it’s just a misdemeanor, the threat of which creates no incentive for not returning. The sanctuary cities will probably sue – but what’s one more lawsuit from the liberals? The feds should sue the cities and states for legal fees. There is no reason why a farmer in Iowa should pay taxes to support California’s constant frivolous lawsuits. Let Californians who vote these elected officials pay for it.

From The Washington Examiner

“What this bill does is it sets up a huge disincentive,” she told the Washington Examiner. “There is already a process set up and they should be using what the process is … We’re not penalizing people are who doing things the right way seeking asylum. This is for people who are going around the system.”

Black’s bill also seeks to strip federal funding from the more than 400 sanctuary cities and counties that do not honor U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents requests for illegal immigrants in local law enforcement’s custody. Her bill would send that money to ICE, which she said could use the funding.

The legislation includes a stricter mandate of E-Verify, an online program that allows employers to verify applicants have legal permission to work in the U.S.

The bill, which Black named the Zero Tolerance for Illegal Entry Act, would come with a mandatory 1-year plus one day sentence, making it a felony. That way judges can’t reduce the penalty down to misdemeanor – which could allow the illegal to remain in the United States. It would also strip law enforcement money from sanctuary cities and add it to the budget for ICE.


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