It wasn’t just a loss for Soros, it was a super loss. Soros spent countless millions of dollars in an effort to defeat Hungarian Prime Minister  Viktor Orbán. Orban is built in the Trump mold. He is against open borders and has actually gotten his wall built and it cut illegal immigration by an incredible 99%. Orban not only won the election, he won with 70% of the vote over the Soros candidate. Even more humiliating is that Orban’s party won a super majority which will allow them to amend the country’s constitution to fit their ideology. Soros was born in Hungary and as a young man worked with the Nazis to seize property belonging to Jews, who were sent to concentration camps. This vote was mandate against Nazism.

From Breitbart

The results will be extremely disappointing for top bureaucrats in the European Union and activists working for so-called civil society NGOs funded by billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros, who had been hoping for an upset defeat, or for Fidesz to lose its super-majority, at least.

Prime Minister Orbán has been the most determined foe of the compulsory migrant quota regime the EU has attempted to impose at the behest of pro-migration NGOs, and served as the focal point for an increasingly influential eurosceptic, anti-mass migration alliance within the EU, centred on the Visegrád Four countries.


Orban has become increasingly popular because of his strong defense of his country’s borders, unlike the open arms of Sweden and Germany that led to disastrous results. It was a victory guided by a common theme pushed by Orban. “Stop George Soros.”

President Trump needs to declare the open southern border of being an impediment to national security and use funding for the military to build the wall.


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