Why is it that Democrats think the American people are so stupid they take for granted that we will believe any bullschstein story they throw at us?

Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently talked about her infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona that happened right before Hillary Clinton was to be exonerated from a slew of criminal charges when most Americans expected her to be held to account.  Gosh, golly, and gee.  What are the odds?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) asked a simple question that is on the minds of millions of Americans.

“Why is it that the attorney general had an extra 30, 45 minutes on her schedule?” former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) wants to know. “For them to just say it was impromptu, an accidental meeting really doesn’t add up.”

“For them to just say it was impromptu, an accidental meeting really doesn’t add up.”

Dan Bongino said to interfere with the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling classified information, via a private email server, could bring “very serious criminal liability” on both Lynch and Comey.  “Loretta Lynch should be talking to a lawyer,” Bongino said.  James Comey should hire a team of lawyers.

Chaffetz was responding to remarks Lynch made during an interview with left-wing softball specialist Lester Holt an NBC reporter.  She chose Holt for the same reason Comey chose George Stephanopoulos  for a five-hour interview for his new book “Smug Justice,” er… I mean “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership”, words Comey honestly does not understand the meaning of.

Lynch actually stuck to the “official” story that was hatched when the scandal broke.

She continues to expect us to believe that both the Secret Service and local police went through loads of security measures to setup the meeting and they only talked about “innocuous things.”  Funny how innocuous discussion requires nobody near the plane being allowed to use a cell phone.  Cell phones can take pictures and record conversations not about grandchildren.

So we are to believe that Bill Clinton, in his 70’s, suffering from heart issues, took time out from playing golf to hang out in the 107-degree Arizona desert to have an hour-long chat “about the grandkids.”

They never once talked about how James Comey was about to exonerate Hillary over deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails, an acid-washed BleachBit wiped private email server,  and cellphones and laptops smashed by hammers that Hillary was being investigated for by Lynch’s DOJ.  None of that ever once came up, according to Lynch.  Yeah, and I’m Elton John.

From Conservative Daily Post:

The timing was awfully convenient, Chaffetz points out. “You have, in rapid succession: tarmac meeting, interview of Hillary Clinton – without the notes, not under oath – and then that’s all followed by this exoneration. It makes no sense.”

No sense, that is, if you take what she says at face value. If you read between the lines, the inconsistencies are a waving red flag.

Lawmakers want to know why she ordered Comey to call the Clinton investigation a “matter” instead of an investigation.  Comey said that order made him queasy.

They also want to know if Lynch had any communications with the White House in arranging the tarmac rendezvous with Bill Clinton.  Good luck with that.

Lynch is no different from the rest of Club Omertà, otherwise known as the Obama administration.  They figure out a story and stick to it, even after it’s been debunked, because like mafia bosses they know that if they change their story they’re caught.  These are professional liars.  So, no matter how implausible their story seems they can sit there and continue to lie looking as cool as a cucumber.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to be interviewed on a national news show, look right into the eye of the host and lie your glutes off without the slightest hint of condemnation or remorse.  That’s Loretta Lynch.  And what’s more frightening is that the majority of people who Barack Obama surrounded himself with are the same caliber liar.

Think about each name in this list, which is by no means every liar in the Obama administration, just the most famous.  Read their name and take yourself back to the lies they blatantly told when serving for Obama.

Eric Holder

Loretta Lynch

Hillary Clinton

John Kerry

Susan Rice

Samantha Power

James Comey

Andrew McCabe

Janet Napolitano

and of course the liar-in-chief Barack Obama.



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