The year was 2015, and Barack Obama was president. Will S. Hylton wrote a story for the NYT on the terrible conditions inside the child detention centers under Obama. However, the media never made much trouble about the conditions kids were kept in during the Obama administration. It wasn’t until it became apparent that the Democrats could not point to anything as a reason to vote for them that the media took up the fight, and even then they really had nothing to use against Trump, so they trotted out pictures of Obama’s detention camps, showing children sleeping in cages. This backfired on them, as they were quickly found out.

From Breitbart News

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told a Senate committee, “We have already added resources to expedite the removal, without a hearing before an immigration judge, of adults who come from these three countries without children.”

His words to the families were just as clear-cut: “Then there are adults who brought their children with them. Again, our message to this group is simple: We will send you back.” Artesia Mayor Phillip Burch recalled Johnson telling him something similar as well. “His comment to us was that this would be a ‘rapid deportation process,’” he said. “Those were his exact words.”

Hylton’s article describes refugees “stranded” and unable to know when they would be released. One woman’s daughter, “sick and losing weight rapidly under the strain of incarceration,” was threatened with being force-fed through a feeding tube if her mother could not make her eat.

Attorney Maria Andrade remembered her visit to one of Obama’s concentrationcamp:

“I mean, I had seen kids in all manner of suffering, but this was a really different thing. It’s a jail, and the women and children are being led around by guards. Gaunt kids, moms crying, they’re losing hair, up all night.”

Talk about an inconvenient truth….



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