Leftist rabble-rouser Senator Elizabeth Warren was called out at a Town Hall event this week, where someone asked her if she was severely damaging the U.S. Justice System after she referred to it as “racist from front to back.”

While speaking in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Warren was confronted by a man after she claimed thousands of workers in the Justice System were inherently racist.

“As a young American of color the recent comments you made are disconcerting to me… I’m just concerned that your rhetoric is inciting some of the division you claim the President is purporting,” said the man from the audience.



Did you see how the narcissistic dingbat replied using libtard-speak to focus the audience away from the damaging remarks the young man made against her?  She joyfully thanked the man for his question, and since it was a question that was really an accusation leveled at her poor choice of words at another event, that could have been seen as racist by liberals of her own stripe, she tried to make it seem like there was nothing wrong in what the man said about her, and that she would be perfectly happy, and EXCITED to explain herself to the dumb hick in the audience in as condescending a manner as she could muster.

Then, like any gifted leftist politician, she went on to mention the different job titles that people of color work in the justice system, (even though the man didn’t bring that up),  just to let everyone know that when she blanketly accused all workers in the U.S. Justice System of being racist from front to back, she of course wasn’t talking about all those people in the job titles she just mentioned, an act which also served, in her own mind, to prove that she acknowledges that black people do work in the Justice Department.  What a bobblehead.

I honestly hope this crazy woman runs in 2020, and the Democrats push her to the top of the ticket.  She has so many gaping flaws it would be fun to watch Donald Trump exploit and destroy her on a debate stage.  Am I being cynical?  I bet the overwhelming majority of you reading this feel the same way.

SOURCE: Hannity


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