UPDATE: Today President Donald Trump pardoned Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion. Clinton turned his family down once and Obama turned them down twice. I guess a racist is what was needed to get this miscarriage of justice taken care of.

Earlier this year, Trump made MLK’s birthplace a national park.


Ever since Donald Trump began running for president, liberals and their wholly owned subsidiary, the media have portrayed him as anti-black, anti-Jewish and anti-immigrant, but do any of you remember hearing any of that said before he ran for president? Neither did I. In fact, his reputation was anything but racist. Let’s examine President Trump’s true history.

What Jackson is talking about mainly is that when every liberal contractor living in NYS and the metro area refused to build low income housing in Manhattan, Trump stepped in and built it himself. But now, both Jesse Jackson and the NAACP call him a racist.


When Donald Trump opened Mar-a-Lago the city of Palm Beach tried to set his membership to exclude Blacks and Jews and in 1996 he sued the city over their policies and forced every country club but two to open their memberships to blacks and Jews.

When the NAACP was forced to leave New York because of the expense no NYC liberal came to their aid but Donald Trump did. He hosted a convention at which he spoke denouncing the city for not helping to keep the organization in town.

From New Standard Press

Meanwhile, since the 1980s, an organization that Jesse Jackson founded and still chaired, Operation PUSH, carried out boycotts of businesses to pressure them to provide more job opportunities and housing for black people. In 1996, Jackson merged PUSH with another non-profit organization he had founded. The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition would continue to do activism on social justice and civil rights.

To help, Donald Trump agreed to give office space in The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street, free of charge, so that Jesse Jackson could have a prominent position from which to pressure corporations to hire and promote African Americans. This central location was across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. At the time, Wall Street was occupied mostly by white people, with nearly no African Americans. As reported by the New York Times, “Jackson said his new office would seek to cajole, persuade and pressure American companies to hire and promote more blacks and members of other minorities, name more of them to corporate boards and award more business to companies owned by members of minorities.”

In May 1997, Jesse Jackson attended the Texaco Inc. annual meeting of shareholders. He spoke about the “toxic atmosphere” that included discrimination against employees who were minorities, and after a lawsuit, that Texaco promoted the very executive who had been accused of discriminating. The New York Times noted that following the Texaco lawsuit, “Jackson opened an office of his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition on Wall Street to keep pressure on corporate managements.”

In January 1998, at the New York Stock Exchange and at the top of the World Trade Center, Jesse Jackson hosted a lavish three day forum for the advancement of minorities and women in business. The event included President Bill Clinton, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, the Secretary of the Treasury, and others. At a panel, Jackson addressed Donald Trump in “this family of friends” and asked for his advice on urban development.


In 2000, Trump published his book, The America We Deserve. In that book, he said :

“The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should be in the business of protecting African Americans, Hispanics, Gays, and other minorities against obvious discrimination.”

In the same book, Trump said  that the American Dream should be unencumbered by “racism, discrimination against women, or discrimination against people based on sexual orientation.”

In 2011, Trump defended Herman Cain who was attacked by John Stewart in a racially charged statement.

Trump repeated his complaint in an afterword to his book Time to Get Tough. He wrote:

“Nothing irritates me more than a double standard, and yet that’s what we see with liberal media types. Take Jon Stewart. I actually enjoy the guy, but when he did a segment mocking presidential candidate Herman Cain, and used a very racist and degrading tone that was insulting to the African American community, did he get booted off the air like Don Imus? No. Where was the Reverend Jesse Jackson? Where was the Reverend Al Sharpton? Where was Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd to provide hard-hitting journalistic “analysis”? Nowhere. Stewart should have lost his job—at least temporarily. But he didn’t and he won’t because liberals in the media always get a free pass, no matter how bad their behavior.”

Even the left wing site Snopes admitted some of the charitable things Trump did for minorities:

TRUE:   Donald Trump dispatched his plane to fly a sick Jewish boy for special care when he heard no airline would accommodate his medical equipment.

This statement refers to an incident that occurred in 1988, when 3-year-old Andrew Ten and his parents could not get a flight from California to New York for seek medical treatment for the boy. When Andrew’s parents asked to use Trump’s private jet, the Republican Presidential candidate reportedly said “yes, I’ll send my plane out,” without hesitation.

A more in-depth examination of this story was published as a separate article on this site.

TRUE:   Donald Trump sent $10,000 to hero bus driver Darnell Barton after seeing a news story about how he saved a woman from jumping off a bridge.

In November 2013, bus driver Darnell Barton took a detour from his normal route in order to stop a woman from jumping off an overpass. Trump said he was moved by the gesture and promised to reward Barton with a $10,000 check:


TRUE:   Donald Trump gave the job of constructing Trump Tower to Barbara Res, making her the 1st woman to build a skyscraper.

Donald Trump did assign Barbara Res a role as vice president in charge of construction of Trump Tower, and she became the first woman credited with leading a skyscraper project (although Res suggested that one of the reasons Trump chose her was for the publicity value her hiring would generate). It should be noted that Rs’s derogatory statements all came after Trump refused to rehire her after many complaints about how she treated workers.

In October of 2008, Jennifer Hudson had several family members murdered and it was Donald Trump who gave her and some relatives a suite he paid for to keep away from the press.

Melissa Young, a former beauty pageant contestant and Miss Wisconsin USA in 2005 told Trump that she was dying and she was worried about her Mexican son. Trump led a fundraising campaign that assured that the boy would be taken care of including enough money to attend college. She said:

As my body is getting weaker, I am unsettled by the fact that I have never been able to directly thank you. Because of you and your efforts, my son Jack who is Mexican-American, has a chance at a better future and a solid education. You and the Miss USA pageant played a tremendous role in my life.

About 3 years ago, Chelsea was in NYC and attended one of your many functions at Trump Tower, where you debuted FundAnything.com. This turned out to be a life changing event for my son and I. I am forever indebted to you.

Looking back you have to admit that our president did some pretty amazing things considering how the Democrats and the press call him a bigot, anti-Semite, homophobic and misogynistic.

Please share this and let’s hope that these facts wake Americans up to see the lies of the main stream media.





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