President Trump has been compared to many world leaders including Adolf Hitler from the Democrats. But he’s in good company. They said all of these same things about Ronald Reagan. He was a racist, a war monger and an idiot. But now, Dinesh D’Souza is going to do another comparison with Trump in his new documentary. The movie is called “Death of a Nation” and is scheduled for release on August 3rd. D’Souza points out that not since Lincoln have Democrats had such a hard time accepting election results. They may have been just as deranged too. They started a war over his election.

From Breitbart News

D’Souza, who was convicted in 2014 of using straw donors to illegally funnel money to a U.S. Senate candidate in 2012, received a full pardon from Trump on May 31. The case was yet another example of former-President Obama using the Department of Justice (like he did the IRS) to persecute his political enemies. Anyone else would have gotten off with a fine. D’Souza was a victim of selective prosecution.

The filmmaker told THR he is well aware of how the optics look; him making a documentary about the man who just pardoned him. He says Trump knew nothing about the project, though, and that he started working on it over a year ago.


This is D’Souza’s 4th documentary. His last one 2016 Obama’s America is the second highest grossing documentary of all time. His producing partner, Gerald R. Molen, is the Oscar-winning producer of such hits as Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park. Not bad company to keep.


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