Dinesh D’Souza: Don’t Call Trump a White Supremacist Until You Talk to an Actual One

Dinesh D’Souza interviewed white supremacist, Richard Spenser for his upcoming movie “Death of a Nation.” D’Souza says that liberal extremists have made it a habit of calling President Trump a racist and a white supremacist, but as he points out, there is nothing in the Trump agenda that matches up with the white supremacist world view. To illustrate this point, D’Souza has released his conversation with white supremacist, Richard Spenser:

Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

Me: What do you think of the American founding?

Spencer: I’ve been critical of the American founding throughout my career.

     Me: “All men are created equal.”  True or false?

     Spencer: False, obviously. 

     Me: The idea that we have a right to life, true or false?

     Spencer: I don’t think we have rights to really anything.

     I asked Spencer about the two main prongs of Reaganite conservatism.

     Me: One prong is American influence is good for the word and that American power should project American values, agree or disagree?

     Spencer: If American values are what we need to destroy other cultures and bring them into one big capitalist market or something, I don’t think we should be promoting American values in that sense.

     Me: The second prong of Reaganism was free market economics, promoting a global free market in which people trade with each other. Would you like to see the world be a global capitalist order?

     Spencer: Absolutely not. This notion that we need to destroy our own industries, that our people are just one more competitor in a global marketplace. “Good luck, sink or swim, pal.” The notion that that should be the guilding philosophy of our citizens is disgusting, actually. I totally reject that. 

     I asked Spencer about his advocacy of a concept called the white ethno-state.

     Me: What I take you to be saying is that the white ethno-state would have a powerful state at the center of it.

     Spencer: No question.

     Me: But this notion of limited government…As you know, the founders saw the government as the enemy of our rights.

     Spencer: No individual has a right outside of a collective community. You have rights, not eternally or given by God, or by nature.

     Me: Who gives them to us?

     Spencer: Ultimately the state gives those rights to you. The state is the source of rights, not the individual.

     Me: Would it be fair to say you are not just against illegal immigration but immigration, period?

     Spencer: I’m against immigration coming in from the Third World that is ultimately going to change the ethnic and cultural constitution of the United States. I wouldn’t say I’m against immigration in itself. I would actually be happy to open the door to white South Africans among many who are truly suffering.

     Me: Would you be happy with an immigration policy that said, we want people from New Zealand, Australia, white guys from Europe and South Africa. We don’t want people from Barbados or Bombay.

     Spencer: Yes, and that was the immigration policy beginning in 1924 up until 1965. That period of time coincided with American greatness. 

     Me: Now this seems very different than Trump. Trump was quoted in the paper saying, if there’s an Indian guy working in Silicon Valley and his visa runs out, and we have to send him home, that’s a loss. That’s something we should try to prevent. You disagree?

     Spencer: I do disagree with that. The H-1B Visa Program has been totally detrimental to white people. I want white people to become doctors, lawyers. I want white people to achieve their dreams.

Dinesh D’Souza:

See how distant Spencer’s politics are from Trump’s?

Trump is a patriot who cherishes the founders; Spencer isn’t and doesn’t. 

Trump is a capitalist; Spencer prefers a strong state regulating markets on behalf of white interests. 

Trump wants to keep illegals out so legal immigrants – white, black and brown – can thrive. Spencer wants more white immigrants, fewer – if any – black and brown ones. 

In sum, Trump is generally conservative and Spencer is clearly not. In fact, Spencer’s racialized politics of the powerful centralized state is reminiscent of the ideology of Woodrow Wilson and the early twentieth-century progressives.

Yet the media continues to depict Spencer as a right-winger because it serves the ideological narrative of pinning the racist and fascist tail on the Republican elephant, when it belongs more clearly on the Democratic donkey.

D’Souza proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump’s policies do not even come close to matching those of a real white supremacist. It’s just more propaganda from the left that has failed miserably to fool the American voters. And in truth, by calling everything racist, it has desensitized voters against these baseless accusations. As a great man once said:

The unsubstantiated accusation of racism is the dying gasp of a diseased mind.”

What great man said that? Why, me of course. (Removes tongue from cheek.)

A personal message from David…

“I had the privilege of meeting Dinesh D’Souza last week at his premiere for Death of a Nation. The Nash is a true patriot and one that you can tell really loves this country. It’s amazing to me that an individual from Mumbai India, can be leading the fight to wake up Americans from their own fate and distraction.

When you listen to Dinesh speak, you can tell that he has spent a lot of time studying and researching our country’s history. I bet if more Americans that truly value the freedoms that we cherish in this country, would research and study for themselves the extent to which individuals in power have gone to try to take total and complete control of their country, more individuals like to Dinesh would wake up every day with a desire to spread as much truth as possible, with as much love as possible, hoping that when people see the truth, it will set us all free… I encourage you to go see death of a nation not once but at least twice… And be courageous enough to invite a liberal with you. I think we all have friends or family that are still of that liberal mindset.

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