The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) put out a report that exposes how many crimes have been committed by DACA recipients. It’s damning to say the least. 59,786 DACA recipients have been arrested since they’ve been in the United States. That’s about 7.8% of all eligible DACA recipients. 4,500 have been arrested for assaults. 830 arrests were related to sex crimes — including rape, sexual abuse or indecent exposure; and 95 arrests were made on warrants for kidnapping, human trafficking or false imprisonment. Ten such arrests — or 0.02 percent of all arrests — were made in murder cases. An incredible 53,792 were arrested before their most recent request for DACA status. That means that Obama was letting felons remain in the DACA program. That is an outrage.

From Fox News

The DHS statistics do not indicate how many of the arrested immigrants were convicted of crimes, nor do they indicate whether charges were reduced or dropped. They also do not indicate how many arrested DACA recipients were deported as the result of a conviction.

Francis Cissna, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director, told “Fox & Friends” the agency wants to release as much data about DACA as possible for the public and lawmakers to be informed.

“I would like people to keep in mind . . . whatever they do, I would hope that we, at USCIS, would be able to turn down these people . . . if we think they’re a public safety threat . . . if someone is a gang member . . . even if they don’t have a conviction,” Cissna said.

Francis Cissna, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director said:

“You could be arrested a whole lot of times and still get DACA. The data we’re putting out is only arrests, so presumably those people who had murder arrests, rape arrests — that type of seriousness — either got acquitted, charges were dropped or they plead something down, I would hope . . .  there are a lot of crimes on the list we published that are misdemeanors – and they could’ve been convicted and still could’ve gotten DACA if they only had two of those misdemeanors.”

This has to end. Even if DACA is extended by congress, the felons need to go as soon as they are convicted unless they are sentenced to prison and then upon their release, they need to go immediately.


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