I want Republicans and Conservative groups to take note of the way liberals have operated since the election of Donald Trump. Every time he gets an appointment confirmed, they make false charges against them, forcing them from office. Ryan Zinke is the latest casualty. There were 18 false claims lodged against him, and 11 have been resolved, with exoneration every time. But the legal fees were crippling, and he had to resign. The same thing happened to Scott Pruitt. His legal bills were bankrupting him even though he was found innocent of all charges and the so-called whistleblower was found to be an outright liar.

Betsy Devos was accused of charging taxpayers for her use of a private jet. As it turns out, she was paying for the jet out of her own pocket as well as her hotels and meals. The only thing she ever put in for reimbursement was under 200 dollars.

The president himself has been the target of witch hunt after witch hunt. The Russian collusion hoax is pretty much dead, so now they are investigating hush money paid out, which is not a crime unless you use someone else’s money. The new NY AG, whose name is not fit to print, says she is planning on investigating everything he has ever done, and if he dipped some girl’s ponytail in ink, he’d better be prepared to go to court.

The newly elected Democrat House members are not hiding the fact that they intend to subpoena his tax and banking records in an effort to use them for a fishing expedition. They are even going to investigate his charity, even though none of them want the Clinton Crime Family Foundation to be investigated.

From The AP

The deep diving will only grow in the new year when Democrats take over the House. They are expected to launch their own investigations and could pursue impeachment, though party leaders caution they could face a political backlash by taking that step.

Even if Trump avoids impeachment, the Democrat investigations will create headaches. Administration officials will be called to testify before Congress and lawmakers will seek a trove of documents, probably including Trump’s tax returns, which he has refused to make public.

A bare-bones White House staff may struggle to keep up. A tally by the Brookings Institution finds more than 60 percent of Trump’s top aides have left in the first two years, a turnover rate exceeding the previous five presidents. In addition, 10 Cabinet secretaries have departed, more than Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton lost in two years. The shake-ups now have left Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget chief, doing double duty indefinitely as the president’s chief of staff.

That combination makes it hard to imagine a president effectively engaged in policy, even if — as in the case of Clinton — the drawn-out investigations lead to an impeachment that fails to remove the president.

If a Democrat ever gets elected president again, they must use these same tactics.

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