State Sen. Daniel Kagan’s departure, effective Jan 11th after he resigns from the Colorado state legislature, comes on the heels of a complaint against him for entering and using a woman’s restroom in the statehouse. Kagan claims it was just an honest mistake because the bathrooms weren’t marked, but I would think the lack of urinals would be a great clue that you were in a women’s bathroom. But, his accusers say that he used the women’s bathroom on multiple occasions and not just once as he contends. Kagan made the mistake of not wearing a wig and a dress before entering the women’s room.

From Fox News

But Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik said several women claimed to have seen Kagan using a women’s restroom multiple times since January 2017. She filed a workplace sexual harassment complaint against Kagan in March.

Kagan said he’d entered the women’s restroom just once by mistake because it was unlabeled. The debacle prompted the state Senate to post signs outside its restroom designating “men” and “women,” Denver’s KUSA-TV reported.

“I asked for a public apology to all involved, not a resignation,” Martinez Humenik said Wednesday. “We are still waiting on his apology.”

Colorado GOP spokesman concurred, saying Kagan should have apologized rather than “just resigning to avoid having to look at them.”

Earlier this year, Kagan had said a Republican lawmaker, who was accused of groping a woman in 2016, should resign. Kagan has never apologized for his bathroom preference.

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