Democratic candidate Elissa Slotkin is not famous, but she might be infamous. She had a key role in putting together the Iran deal, where we gave Iran 140 billion dollars and they gave us…well…nothing. The other day a reporter questioned her on it, and she ran away as fast as her legs could carry her. She is running for the House of Representatives in Michigan, opposing Republican Mike Bishop. She is one of several candidates running a state in which she has never lived. She has never owned property in Michigan. Never paid taxes in Michigan. And she never voted in Michigan until the primary, where she voted for herself.

From The Gateway Pundit

Michigan incumbent US Representative Mike Bishop is for Jobs not Mobs.  He’s being challenged by Obama lackey Elissa Slotkin who helped negotiate the failed Iran deal.  She is from outside the district and appears to be a hand-selected puppet of the Far-left establishment.

Michigan Congressman Mike Bishop shows that his competitor Slotkin was sent to Michigan to run against him. She never owned property in Michigan, never paid taxes in Michigan and never voted in Michigan until the primary where she voted for herself.

Slotkin was involved in Obama’s failed Iran deal where Obama sent billions in cold hard cash to the regime in an effort to sign the deal!  This was the worst deal in US and world history and the last straw and reason Donald Trump decided to run for President.

Young conservatives were outside the debate to protest Slotkin’s actions in giving billions to the world’s number one terrorist state.

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