One of Nancy Pelosi’s – one of the Democrats’ best and brightest – has been arrested for her part in a human trafficking ring. Irania Martinez-Martinez, a DACA illegal alien who obtained her DACA status in April 2017, allegedly brought in three illegal aliens through Texas and into Albequerque, New Mexico. She was caught as she was driving the illegals into New Mexico after they agreed to pay her $200 for gas. When they were stopped, Martinez-Martinez told Border Patrol agents she was an American citizen. She was then instructed to go to another checkpoint, where they discovered she had lied about being a citizen, and her three passengers were, in fact, illegal aliens.

From Breitbart News

The four were told to travel to another checkpoint, where the DACA illegal alien was found to have been lying about her U.S. citizenship and the three men were discovered to be illegal aliens, according to police.

The DACA illegal alien allegedly told investigators that this was the second time she had tried to smuggle illegal aliens across the U.S. She has been charged with smuggling and will have her DACA status revoked as a result of the charge.

Since DACA’s inception, more than 2,100 illegal alien recipients have been kicked off the program after having been found to be convicted or charged as criminals or gang members.

This is why we need to protect our Southern border. It’s also why DACA should be ended, once and for all. Additionally, the anchor baby program must end. That particular law was written to make sure that all the freed slaves were considered to be American citizens since many of them were brought here as slaves. The children they had while enslaved did not have legal standing.

As we approach the midterm elections, the Democrats (who have become the party of open borders) show just how out of touch they are. Even among Democrats illegal immigration and sanctuary cities are very unpopular. But all conservatives should hope those themes are carried into November. Red Wave, anyone?


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