The number of prisoners in Austrian jails is now 40% immigrants and in Vienna, it’s over 50% immigrant. Rapes have climbed by 133% in one year. The troubling thing is that crime over all is down by 10% but crimes by immigrants, mostly Afghans, is up. In the last election Austrians tossed liberals out of office and replaced them with anti-immigration conservatives.


From Breitbart News

Police say they are undecided whether or not the increase is largely due to more women coming forward or the signs of a worrying trend.

Earlier this year, the Interior Ministry headed by Freedom Party interior minister Herbert Kickl released figures showing a rise in the number of sexual assault and rape cases in 2017.

Knife crime is also becoming a concern for Austrian police, who say the number of stabbings, especially during inter-ethnic conflicts, are becoming more and more common.

Earlier this year several high-profile stabbings, including one which involved an Afghan migrant attacking an Austrian family leaving a restaurant, shocked the Austrian public. The suspect in the case later confessed claiming he had been having a “bad day”.

The incidents led interior minister Kickl to declare he would look into reforming the asylum system in Austria, with figures released earlier this week showing the current government averaging 19 deportations per day.

Austria is suffering from immigrants just like the rest of the countries in the European Union, with the lone exception of Hungary, because they have very few refugees or illegal aliens. Know why? Because they built a wall.

A personal message from David…

”It’s a pretty amazing realization to see that while a country can take actions, and those actions can reduce crime by 10%, the previous actions of politicians placed their citizens in great danger. It’s not too hard to imagine that had we elected someone other than Donald Trump as the commander-in-chief of our country, and instead elected someone that wanted to open our borders and allow hundreds of thousands of refugees to flood into our country, we would be seeing and hearing even more of the horror stories we already do today…except it would be our friends and our family members’ lives that were in jeopardy of being torn apart by tragedy.

It’s revelations like these coming from other countries that make me as an American proud of who I supported for the President of our United States. And it’s revelations like these that should make all of those Americans who didn’t support our president thankful that enough Americans showed up to vote for Donald J. Trump, and elected him as president to keep our country from falling into these same traps.

But the fight is not over. The Democrats are still pushing for open borders, they are pushing to abolish ICE, they are pushing to allow illegal immigrants to flood into our country unfettered and unchecked, and they are unwilling to look at the impending doom that awaits American families if they had their way.

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