Saudi Arabia has proven that bigger and more expensive isn’t always better. They are using what appears to be a primitive, yet effective type of border wall that would save 45% of the cost to build a wall all along our border with Mexico.


From The Conservative Tribune

Before intruders even make it to any barriers, they are met with berms, raised ridges of sand that are difficult to climb.

If intruders are bold enough to continue, they must pass twin chain link fences with razor wire. The fences are separated by a concertina fence, a type of barbed wire often used by prisons.

There are also underground movement sensors between the fences. The sensors trigger silent alarms that notify border security stationed at strategically placed watchtowers as well as in surveillance reconnaissance vehicles.

The watchtowers and vehicles contain cameras and radars equipped with facial recognition software.

In addition, helicopters stationed at response station heli-pads are always ready to intervene.

It’s primitive, yet extremely effective. We could do our entire border for just 11.7 billion dollars.

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