Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) was visibly angered when ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd committed a random act of journalism by pressing Durbin on flip-flopping from 2016 to 2018 on the eve of President Trump’s historic Supreme Court pick to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Durbin tried to shift the blame for his contradicting views on quickly confirming Supreme Court nominees under former President Barack Obama onto Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

“In a few weeks, the Supreme Court will start its new term with eight justices; we need nine. Major legal questions are hanging in limbo because the court is deadlocked on four-four votes,” Durbin said back 2016 after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

But then Anthony Kennedy announced he was retiring from the court this year, and Durbin and his Senate comrades called on Mitch McConnell to delay the confirmation for President Trump’s nominee until after the Democrats had the chance to win back the Senate in the midterms coming up.

From Lifezette:

When NBC host Chuck Todd played the clip for Durbin, he noted, “There’s been some talk among some of your colleagues for Democrats to push for a delay until after the election. Obviously you didn’t like that in 2016. Where are you on this?”

Durbin replied, “Well, I asked Sen. McConnell when Kennedy made his announcement whether he was going to be consistent. He said during the course of the vacancy at the end of the Obama presidency, ‘Let’s wait and let the people decide in an election.’”



Here’s where Durbin really shines as a despicable man and a pathological liar.  McConnell referred to the 2016 presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I asked Sen. McConnell, ‘Are you going to use the same standard this go-around?’ And obviously he is not. The net result of that, of course, is that we are going to move forward quickly to fill the vacancy,” Durbin said. “And I think it’s pretty clear Sen. McConnell was seizing the moment, stopping Obama from filling the vacancy with an extraordinarily qualified man.”

Todd continued to press Durbin, asking, “But where are you on this now? Do you want it delayed? I understand you want to point out hypocrisy on McConnell’s side. But there’s hypocrisy on your side on this too, right? Do you think if it was wrong to delay in 2016, is it wrong to delay now?”

Durbin didn’t like it when confronted with facts that make him look like the south end of a northbound horse.

“Well, come on, Chuck. Get real,” Durbin said. “Sen. McConnell invented this new rule and wouldn’t even consider a meeting with Merrick Garland,” he said, referring to Obama’s nominee.

The problem with that load of bunk is that McConnell didn’t invent anything.  The Democrats invented it back in 1992 when George H. W. Bush was president, where the Democrat-controlled Senate declared that for the last 18 months of Bush’s presidency they would not entertain any nominations for the Supreme Court, because the future presidential election, a year and a half away, would allow the American people to decide which president had the right to nominate the next judicial appointment.  In fact, the Democrats called it The Biden Rule, as Senator Joe Biden came up with the idea of screwing President Bush out of his constitutionally-authorized right to nominate a replacement for the High Court.



Here’s the reality of it.  Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the president the authority to nominate judicial appointments, and the Senate’s constitutional role is called “advise and consent,” which means if the Senate doesn’t vote to approve the nominee, then it’s over for that nominee.

The Democrats in 1992 had the constitutional authority to not give advise or consent for a judicial nominee, but they didn’t have the power to take away the president’s right to nominate.  They just didn’t want to go through the process, because public opinion might have swayed enough of their constituents to force them to vote for confirmation, so they made up the fluffy-sounding Biden Rule to stick it to President Bush.

When Justice Scalia died, the Republicans brought up that it was a presidential election year, and that the Biden Rule applied.  That’s Karma.  Barack Obama didn’t care about the Biden Rule and nominated left-wing judge Merrick Garland.  The Republican-controlled Senate didn’t try to stop Obama from nominating someone, they just didn’t start the process of advise and consent, because they chose to adhere to the Democrat-created Biden Rule in a presidential election year, the same rule that Dick Durbin now libsplains that somehow McConnell created.

In this case, Durbin knows that the Democrats created the Biden Rule, and that it applied in 2016.  He’s just being deceitful about it.  He is also being disingenuous about the fact that the Biden Rule was about presidential election years and not midterm elections, so he is once against treating the American people as if they are too stupid to see his deception.

This is not a presidential election year, and either way, the president has the right to nominate a replacement for the soon-to-be-open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Read more at Lifezette.

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