Before the special election in Ohio, Hollywood gave their marching orders to the voters.  They ordered them to give money. They ordered them to call their neighbors. And they told them to vote and for whom. But obviously, some people didn’t get the memo and Connor lost. Now they are in meltdown mode and are near suicidal. They just can’t believe that the peasants revolted and elected the Republican.


The celebrities were quick to blame the Green Party candidate and the Russians. So, why do they not mention the rematch between the two in November? Because it will probably be a rout. In the special election, 87% of eligible Democratic voters showed up, but only 40% of Republicans did. The Democrats have little room for improvement, but with a governor and a Senate race, many more Republicans will be going to the polls. I wonder about the honesty of the election. When was the last time that 87% of voters anywhere showed up to vote?

Now the after messages from the celebrities:

Meanwhile President Trump saw all five of his endorsed candidates win.

The good news for conservatives is that Hollywood will be endorsing even more candidates in November, and with their track record, that can only be a plus for Republicans.

A personal message from David…

”This race was way too close, friends… We better hope that the majority of Republicans stayed home because they wanted to make their voices heard in November. Because one thing is for sure, the liberal elites, the Hollywood elites, the individuals that have completely lost touch with society, yet are at the forefront of our lives through the media, television, and movies…they are all pushing hard for the people of America (that still actually believe CNN) to get out and vote.

They are serious when they say they will impeach President Donald J. Trump if they win back the Senate and the House. We can not let this happen. We need every able-bodied Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, or any individual that is just fed up with the hate of the Left to get out and vote. We need a red TIDAL wave this November!

I truly believe that the fate of our country hangs in the balance. We have to rise up and do more than we ever have before. We have to share articles that expose the liberal hypocrisy. We have to speak up. We have to encourage our liberal family and friends to think outside the box for just once in their lives and go see the movie by Dinesh D’Souza called Death of a Nation. Heck – we even need to pay for their tickets and buy their popcorn and their sodas!”

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