Kaitlin Bennett is the grassroots director of Liberty Hangout and founder of Campus Carry Now. Wednesday, she was in Erie, PA at the Trump rally. She was confronted by a liberal man who threatened to throw her down and violate her. I’m pretty sure that is a violation of #MeToo. And even though it’s on tape, all the witnesses denied that it ever happened. This is what the Democratic party has come to, plainly just various groups (mobs) cheered on by progressive and socialist politicians, like Maxine Waters and Cory Booker.

From The Gateway Pundit.

On Wednesday night Kaitlin was interviewing liberal protesters outside the massive Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

One man threatened to throw her down and violate her.

Feminists around the man defended him and denied it happened.

This is today’s Democrat Party.

An unhinged violent mob.


This kind of madness is why good Americans are walking away from the Democrat party!!! #WalkAway

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