Jemele Hill is a race-baiter extrodinaire. Candace Owens is a street-fighting hottie with an intellect to match. The two competed in a battle of wits that was very unfair since Hill was only half prepared. Finally, Candace issued a challenge to Hill to debate racism on “The Rubin Report”. But, as often happens, liberals ignore challenges, because while they are great at throwing out false accusations, they are p*** poor at backing up their words with real facts. Hill was replaced on Sports Center – which was announced as Hill’s choice – but Clay Travis said the real reason was the ratings tanked with Hill on that show.

Candace Owens, a huge Trump supporter, is also the the communications director for Turning Point USA. She often appears on television defending the president and conservatism. She is smart and well spoken and is a rising star in conservative circles for her no-nonsense speech and willingness to take on the liberal narrative.

From Fox News

“All people hate racism, Jemele,” Owens wrote. “Haven’t met a single white person that loves being called a cracker, or a Spanish person that prefers being referred to as a sp*c.”

Owens, also the communications director for Turning Point USA, added, “I’m young though, so there’s still time.”

Hill fired back, “With all due respect, all people do not hate racism.”

The ESPN personality, who once made headlines for calling President Trump a white supremacist, then defended why she feels some people don’t mind racism.

“Racism is profitable and worse, comfortable. Showing a disdain for slurs is about appearing polite. I’ll be far more impressed when that energy is used to dismantle systems created to crush marginalized peoples,” Hill wrote.


Owens: “If you truly believe what you believe, and your goal is to educate— then the greatest thing that we can do is to respectfully debate so that the many people that follow us can understand the source of our perspectives,”

Hill:  “I find it so strange that people make these kinds of requests often. Is this pay-per-view? The implication is that anybody tagged in this has to validate their viewpoint.”

Owens: “This seems like a long-winded way to admit that you don’t possess the intellect to back up your assertions. This seems to be the case for all people that chirp the loudest about how racist America is. I wonder why.”


And although Owens did eat Hill’s lunch, she did leave her the Kool Aid.


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