There is a lesson to be learned here. Never invite Candace Owens onto a liberal show unless the host wants to be humiliated on national television. Owens appeared on “The Beat” with a second guest, Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson. The host and Dyson were trying to revive the old lie that the president is a racist. Owens then pointed out that Trump’s popularity among blacks has doubled since he has been elected and that the real problem that the black community faces is violence like the 71 Black Americans who were shot last weekend in Chicago, of which 13 died.

From The Conservative Tribune

“I think the fact that every time I’m brought here, I’m being asked to dispute another black person. The black community is broken up in general. I don’t want to partake in that,” she said.

“Liberals have been attacking conservatives and you guys say nothing about it. Blacks were attacked yesterday because they support Donald Trump,” she said. “Black support for Trump has doubled since this time last year.”

She continued, exposing the racist past the Democrat Party struggles to distance itself from.

“You guys try to pretend that he is pushing in a racist era in this country when we know the Democrats are the racists, have always been the racists, the parties never switched, and you should know this as a civil rights person,” she told Dyson. “You know the history. You know the people under the hood of the KKK were Democrats and the party never switched.”

Both the host and the professor were dumbfounded. They had no answer for that. Don’t expect to see Candace on PMSDNC much in the future.

A personal message from David…

“As an American, as a conservative, and as a black man in this country… I have to share with you that it is so refreshing and exciting to see a young black woman with so much intellect, knowledge, and class, who is able to dispense information that completely unravels the narrative of which liberals and Democrats have continually pushed upon the American people, especially upon the black community.

I had the great opportunity to get to spend some time with Candace, and I know her to be candid, humble, and passionate about seeing our great nation freed from the oppression that has systematically been imposed upon the black community.  She is a beacon of hope, of light, and of truth to not only the black community, but to America as a whole. For the principles on which she stands and promotes, are principles that will liberate us a country from the racist, divisive stranglehold that the Democrats have continued to perpetuate up on the American people.

She is 100% American. She is a patriot. And color aside, I believe Candace will go down in history as one of America’s greatest new civil rights leaders… Dr. Martin Luther King is looking down from heaven proud of what Candace Owens is accomplishing.

I was honored to have Candace on my show recently where she talked about the hatred that continues to be pushed by the left, by the Democrats, and how it’s the same hatred that was driving white Democrats in the 50s and 60s to shout at, scream at, bully and scare from restaurants, that we as black conservatives are fighting today. The sad part is that today, many of those pushing hate are actually black individuals themselves.

So, unlike the civil rights movement of the 1960s, now those of us Black Americans of conservative beliefs and values find ourselves fighting not just whites, but Blacks, Hispanics, another minorities as well…

If we are actually going to see our country freed  from the racism and divisiveness that exists, we have to stop buying into a narrative that says all blacks have to vote a certain way. And if blacks don’t vote that way, they’re the enemy. The enemy is the side that says you can’t be a free thinker, you can’t think outside the box, and that if you disagree with me, I have to take you down. The enemy is hate. And from all that I can see, hate is being pushed by one political party and one political ideology on an almost daily basis.

I believe there is a new civil rights movement that is taking place in our country right now. From the Mission of Turning Point USA and its founder Charlie Kirk, to the Red Pill Black Movement started by Candace Owens, to the #WalkAway Campaign started by Brandon Straka, there is a massive shift taking place all across our country that I believe will go down in history as the civil rights movement that changed America forever.

When I had Candace on my show, we also spoke briefly about something new that she’s about to launch of which I am a part. I could not be more excited, proud, and honored to be part of this new and upcoming event that I believe will turn into the beginning of the end of the Democrat party, and the end of the suppression of the black community in America. Unfortunately, I believe the majority of black oppression in America is done by black Americans towards other black Americans.

Just like the fact that 90% of black men that are murdered in this country, are murdered at the hands of other black men. We need to save ourselves from within. We as black Americans are called to reach other black Americans with truth, with love, with facts and with an understanding that it will not be an easy fight, but it will be one that is well worth it.

That is why I am so thankful for all of my American brothers and sisters that understand the fight that we are in, and support us in the variety of ways that you do. We need you, your love, and your support. Thank you also very much and please know that we, Americans, will win!”

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