House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte has announced that he has sent US Marshals to the Home of Lisa Page and that she could be facing Contempt of Congress charges by Friday. Page’s lawyer said that Page couldn’t appear on Wednesday because she and her client were not allowed to review documents necessary for her to answer questions. Unfortunately, that was a lie.


So the liar for hire lied, huh? Page is like every other denizen of the Deep State. She doesn’t believe the law applies to her. But she may get over that real quickly as Speaker Paul Ryan has agreed to bring contempt charges against her if she fails to testify. As far as not having enough time to prepare, Page was told two months ago that her testimony would be needed for the committees, so if she isn’t prepared, it’s her own fault.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters he’s willing to hold Lisa Page in contempt of Congress if she continues to defy a Congressional subpoena.

Page’s lawyers hit back Wednesday claiming the former FBI lawyer is being bullied by Congress. Oh please!

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge is reporting GOP lawmakers may force Strzok and Page to appear together on Capitol Hill.

“She [Lisa Page] should comply [with the subpoena] now before she’s held in contempt of Congress which could happen as soon as Friday,” Chairman Goodlatte said.

Goodlatte also said Congress sent the US Marshals to Lisa Page’s house three times after she rejected the subpoena in order to reach her!


Four trips by US Marshals? It sounds like the House is finally getting serious.


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