President Trump announced today that he has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and that he will nominate Mike Pompeo, the current director of the CIA to take his place. President Trump and Tillerson have had a rocky relationship because Tillerson somehow believed that he was president while President Trump considers himself to hold that job. Tillerson has contradicted the president on many occasions including talks with North Korea and the steel and aluminum tariff. Evidently, the president decided that Tillerson is not the right man to negotiate with North Korea and he wants someone in that job who will fight for what the president wants and not someone who would negotiate on behalf of himself.

President Trump said:

“I am confident (Pompeo) is the right person for the job at this critical juncture. He will continue our program of restoring America’s standing in the world, strengthening our alliances, confronting our adversaries, and seeking the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”


From USA Today

In a written statement that followed the tweet, Pompeo said that, if confirmed, “I look forward to guiding the world’s finest diplomatic corps in formulating and executing the President’s foreign policy.”

In his time at the CIA, the former Kansas congressman said, “I have worked alongside many remarkable Foreign Service officers and Department of State leaders serving here in the United States and on the very edge of freedom.”

Gina Haspel, currently deputy director of the CIA, will become the agency’s first woman director of the CIA.

A 30-year veteran of the CIA, Haspel said, “I look forward to providing President Trump the outstanding intelligence support he has grown to expect during his first year in office.”

It was reported in the past that Tillerson had called Trump a moron. Who’s the moron noowwww?



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