Today during the questioning of IG Michael Horowitz by the Senate Judiciary Committee, IG Michael Horowitz revealed for the first time that Loretta Lynch and the Clinton campaign were sharing classified information that is so classified that he could not share it with the committee. So, Loretta Lynch was colluding with the Clinton campaign in an effort to affect the outcome of the presidential election. Isn’t that illegal or something? Not that it matters, after all, they are democrats and Jeff Sessions is a wussy. This is a direct violation of the Espionage Act that forbids revealing classified information and I’m sure if it went over an email account, it was vulnerable to being hacked.

From The Gateway Pundit

During the testimony IG Horowitz admitted that top level Clinton 2016 campaign operative Amanda Renteria and Attorney General Loretta Lynch exchanged “highly classified material” with each other in 2016.

The “highly classified” material was so secret that Inspector General Michael Horowitz refused to talk about it during the Senate hearing on Monday.

Senator Kennedy: Your index does it contain or discuss an email that refers to a conversation allegedly between Attorney General Lynch and a person by the name of Amanda Renteria?

Inspector General Horowitz: I’m not sure what I can say about that publicly so would ask you if I can get back to you.


Will they go after them or will Sessions exonerate them too?


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