An armed man shot two customers at a Washington state Walmart and was immediately pursued by three armed civilians, one of whom brought the gunman’s heartbeat to a screeching halt. Anti-gunners insist that armed citizenry does not prevent shooting deaths even though we see evidence of it every day. For instance, David Hogg says that having armed teachers and other personnel does not make students safer despite the fact that since the Parkland shooting, three attempts at school shootings were ended by armed guards at the schools. If young Mr Hogg and other anti-gunners had their way, how many dead students would there have been?

KIRO 7 reports:

An armed civilian took down a shooter after at least two people were shot Sunday night at a Washington state Walmart, police said.

Tumwater police said the civilian, described by officers as a good Samaritan, shot and killed the suspect at the scene.

The shooting happened just after 5:30 p.m. at the Walmart Supercenter in Tumwater, about 65 miles south of Seattle.

“I heard two bangs. It sounded like gunshots to me,” witness Robert Berwick said. “I looked down the aisle and saw a person running.”

That’s when Berwick ran, too. There was chaos in the parking lot, and he said the shooting suspect tried to carjack another man. That’s when the suspect was shot.

“I thanked him for saving my life,” Berwick said of the attempted carjacking victim who shot the suspect. “He didn’t look like he had any regrets. I hope he doesn’t have any.”

Another witness to the shooting, Megan Chadwick, said her husband saw the civilian take down the shooter.

“He said he watched him (the shooter) take his last breath,” Chadwick said. “There were three civilians going after him (the shooter) to shoot him and two of them had their guns up — and then the third guy shot him through the window of the car.”

Chadwick said her husband was armed as well.

We have no idea how many lives were saved when the armed citizen, whom the police refer to as a Good Samaritan, took action… but even if it was only one, it was well worth it and demonstrates what a good guy with a gun can do to a bad guy with a gun.




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