The city of Boston is considering allowing legal immigrants (without US citizenship) to vote in City elections. This is huge, because Boston has 190,000 legal immigrants amounting to 28.5% of the population, and they pay $116 million in city and state taxes. Assuming half of it is city taxes, it would amount to $58 million. The city budget is $3.29 billion. That would be 2.3% of the taxes paid by 28.5% of the population. The Boston City Council could be letting itself in for some trouble. That’s a huge voting bloc, and I imagine they could push several council members into the unemployment line.

From Fox News

Immigrants with legal status are not eligible to vote in city elections because they are prohibited by state law, according to an order filed by Campbell “to explore voting rights for immigrants with legal status.”

“All members of a community should have the right to participate and be included in the governance of that community,” the order read.

A change in voting law would have to be approved by the council, mayor, legislature and governor, the Boston Herald reported. Campbell had initially said she wanted illegal immigrants to vote as well but has changed her mind, according to the Boston Herald.

Campbell was first elected a city councilor in 2015. She was elected by her colleagues to city council president in 2018, according to her website.



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