Hidden deep inside the IG report there was some testimony that no one bothered to read until now. Both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch said their meeting on the tarmac was accidental. We now know that is not true at all. A DOJ Department of Public Affairs supervisor traveling with Lynch testified that Clinton’s security people met with Lynch’s security people to set up the meeting. That is hardly a chance meeting between the pair. If they lied about that, what else have they been lying about? Two days after their meeting, Hillary was exonerated. What an odd coincidence, huh?

From The Blaze

Page 203 of the report states:

The OPA Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail and let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch. Although Lynch’s staff was supposed to receive notice of such requests, witnesses told us that they were not informed of the request from former President Clinton.

In addition, Lynch revealed to DOJ investigators she was not social with the Clintons and had never met with either one of them prior to the tarmac meetings.

Both Clinton and Lynch denied discussing nefarious subjects, such as the DOJ’s Clinton investigation, known as “Midyear,” or any other matters involving the Clintons’ public life. They both maintained the conversation was lighthearted and personal.

The report goes on to detail that Lynch’s staff — who were waiting outside the plane in a staff van — felt “blindsided” and “shocked” Lynch would meet with the former president.

The meeting between the two took about 20 minutes, and broke off after Lynch’s senior counselor broke up the meeting when she realized it would become extremely problematic if the media learned Lynch had just met with the husband of a subject involved in a major investigation.

Currently Rod Rosenstein refuses to give Congress the documents from the investigation of that meeting.


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