FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka is ready to testify against those who took part in the Gen Michael Flynn ambush and frame up. After all, Flynn’s conversation that he had with the Russian ambassador was what every new administration does before taking over the reins of government. After the Flynn interview Agent Pientka went to Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the DOJ. The evidence is mounting that the FBI, DOJ and Robert Mueller have committed illegal or unethical acts in their investigations. And now we have a real live witness willing to testify on the matter.

From The Gateway Pundit

Chairman Grassley quite properly wants to see the underlying 302 forms of the FBI agents who did the interview, the ambush interview of Flynn, at the White House during the transition period rather shortly after the inauguration.

It’s pretty obvious that Comey and McCabe got together and decided they wanted to frame Flynn because they believed, they believed, believe it or not, that he was a danger to the Constitution, not them. He was a danger, when all he was doing was communicating with people that he had a legitimate right to communicate with, both as a candidate Foreign Policy Advisor, and as the National Security Advisor Designate, and as a National Security Advisor.

So Grassley wants to see the notes of these people and he wants to interview the one agent who was there who was very, very, very serious about how Flynn did not deceive. That agent that he wants to interview is the agent who went to the Inspector General and complained about the conduct of Strzok and McCabe.

Believe it or not? I vote not.

Sen Chuck Grassley has demanded the following from the DOJ:

Accordingly, no later than May 25, 2018, please provide:
1. The information requested in our February 15, 2017 letter, including the transcripts of the
reportedly intercepted calls and any FBI reports summarizing them; and
2. The FBI agents’ 302s memorializing their interview of Flynn and 1A supporting docs,
including the agents’ notes.

In addition, please make Special Agent Joe Pientka available for a transcribed interview
with Committee staff no later than one week following the production of the requested

The jailers are about to become jailees.




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