The FBI let British spy and author of the fictitious Hillary dossier, Christopher Steele,  go in 2016, for unauthorized meetings with the press. Immediately after that, Bruce Ohr set up a back channel between Steele and the FBI. Now, John Solomon of the Hill, has revealed a bombshell report, that Ohr was working to get Steele reinstated with the FBI, so that he could work with Mueller.

Beginning in July of 2017, Christopher Steele was sending urgent text messages to Bruce Ohr desperate to assist Robert Mueller in the Russia witch hunt.

“Hi Bruce, hope you’re enjoying the summer,” Steele wrote Ohr on July 16, 2017. “I spoke to my old colleagues last week and they assured me they would not stand in the way of our re-engagement with the Bureau.”

Via John Solomon of The Hill:

“Whenever convenient, I would like a chat, there’s a lot going on and we are frustrated with how long this re-engagement with the Bureau and Mueller is taking,” Steele texted Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr on Aug. 6, 2017. “Anything you could do to accelerate the process would be much appreciated.”

“Chris, good to hear from you,” Ohr texted back as he proposed times when the two could discuss the idea.

The exchange — one of several in which Steele proposed a return to the Russia probe — has captured the attention of investigators in Congress and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Some of them told me they are stunned that a top Rosenstein aide would even consider restoring Steele to the case, and with good reason.

A month later in that Aug. 6, 2017, text was the one time, apparently, Steele mentioned Mueller by name to Ohr. And the intelligence operative tried to instill a sense of urgency, suggesting he had new intel that could assist the Russia case. “There are some new, perishable, operational opportunities which we do not want to miss out on,” he wrote.

The text messages and other communications between Ohr and Steele don’t indicate what ultimately happened. But, in multiple conversations, they talked about reengagement and used the shorthand “SC.”

Whatever the case, the text messages portray Steele as increasingly aggravated that his return to informant’s work on the Russia case was going so slowly.

“I am presuming you’ve heard nothing back from your SC colleagues on the issues you kindly put to them from me,” Steele texted Ohr on Nov. 18, 2017. “We have heard nothing from them either.

“To say this is disappointing would be an understatement! Certain people have been willing to risk everything to engage with them in an effort to help them reach the truth.”

The Deep state keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. Rudy Giuliani could be right. The Russia probe is more likely to blow up than to fizzle out.

A message from David…

”This, friends is exactly the dirty swamp our president Donald J. Trump talked about while he was running for office. This exposes exactly how deep the swamp was, and the extent to which they wanted to keep operating in the shadows. It’s hard not to think about what might’ve happened had Americans like you and I had not stood up to the impending tyranny that was facing us in the form of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party in the dirty swamp.

As more and more of this deep deceit and darkness comes to light, the more we need to continue to spread the word and share these truths with the American people. So many Americans are still caught in the web of deceit and brainwashing of the mainstream media. And yet so many Americans are indeed waking up to the truth and walking away from the establishment of hate, deceit, lies, and ultimately the party that longs to bring about socialism, or in another words, total and complete dominance over the American people.

I firmly believe that had Americans not charged to the voting booths in 2016, our country’s future would have been determined… And the name of our country would have changed from the USA, to the USSA. From the United States of America, to the United Socialist States of America. But friends, our fight is not over. They are pulling out all the stops. Voter fraud I’m sure will be ramped up this coming November, and  that is all the more reason why we need to show up in force, with a no-holds-barred dedication, no one sitting on the bench, all of us in the full-court press, to win this life-and-death match over our country.”

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