Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders had many people stunned in the nation’s capital Wednesday, after he thanked D.C. liberals for transforming “fringe,” “radical,” and “extremist ideas” into “mainstream American ideas.”

Sanders was addressing the ‘We the People’ summit in Washington, D.C. when he thanked the audience for helping to advance his leftist message, bragging that his supporters have brought fringe ideas to the masses.

From Hannity:

“Many of the ideas that we talked about were thought to be fringe ideas, radical ideas, extremist ideas,” said the Vermont Senator. “Well, you know what? Because of your efforts, those ideas are mainstream American ideas.”

“I want to thank all of the groups here, because whether you know it or not, you have helped transform this country in so many ways,” he added.

The senator urged the audience to continue their efforts and not to get complacent or “give up.”

“We are obviously in a pivotal and unprecedented moment in American history, and the fights that we are waging are not just for ourselves; more importantly they are for our kids, our grandchildren, and the future of this planet,” Sanders said. “And if anybody in this country who thinks that now is the time to throw your hands up and give up, you are dead wrong. Now is the time more than ever to stand up and fight back.”

I would love to see one journalist, not two or three, but just one ask Senator Moth Balls and his wacko supporters, how they can claim to love and care about their children and grandchildren when they push for programs that will cost unimaginable amounts of spending, saddling them with a massive debt that will negatively affect them for the rest of their lives as they will be forced to pay it down with ever-increasing taxes and the inevitable inflation that will devalue their earning and spending power, especially when none of their fringe, radical and extremist kook ideas will solve anything.

As a 2016 Democratic Party – he’s not even a Democrat, so even that was fake – presidential primary candidate Sanders pushed for progressive disasters like single-payer healthcare, free college tuition – as if teachers and administrators wouldn’t get paid – and reducing the number of choices for deodorant (I kid you not).  Sanders called for a $15 an hour wage, proving once again that Crypt Keeper known absolutely nothing about business.


America would never survive a Sanders White House if the Democrats also controlled Congress.  His ideas would throw our country, and subsequently the entire world, into an age of darkness, and it denies belief in a Benevolent Being that there are so many nitwits out there who support him.


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