If there is anything we know about leftists in the United States is that they lack a moral compass of any kind. Noted atheist, Richard Dawkins is now advocating that we begin to cultivate and eat human flesh in order to remove it from being taboo. Hey, honey, could you please pass me the Bob? What’s for dessert? Jennifer with whipped cream. These leftists are some really twisted individuals. Now, he isn’t saying you need to butcher your next door neighbor. No, he is talking about lab grown human flesh.

The explanation Dawkins gives is that eating human flesh is a taboo based on Judeo/Christianity beliefs. In other words, it;s just a way that an atheist can spit in God’s face. I mean even non Christians are turned off by the thought of eating human flesh. If you are going to eat lab grown meat, why not beef or chicken? His logic reminds me of the man who couldn’t afford food, so he started stealing dog food. If you are stealing it, why not steal real food?


From Breitbart

Familiar meat products such as chicken nuggets, sausage and even foie gras will be manufactured using the process and could be served in restaurants in the US and Asia “before the end of 2018,” Tetrick said.

Richard Dawkins suggests taking the procedure a step further and producing human “meat,” which presumably would also come from stem cells.

As an absolute materialist who denies the existence of anything that cannot be measured by science, Dawkins is a moral pragmatist. There is no soul or afterlife in the Dawkins world, so morality is defined by the here and now and the value of human actions is judged solely by their effects.

It would give a whole new meaning to Bart Simpson’s signature saying of “Bite Me.”


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