French President Emmanuel Macron’s political future was hanging in the balance Thursday, as lawmakers considered a vote of ‘no confidence’ that could ultimately lead to the French leader’s removal after his botched “climate tax” was officially revoked.

It’s pretty bad when the Socialist Party, far-left Defiant France, and the Communist Party are all putting aside their differences to submit the request of a no-confidence vote of the lower house of parliament, or the National Assembly, on Monday.  That assembly would hold the no-confidence motion within 48 hours of the request being made.

The mob of leftists would more-than-likely need support from Macron’s centrist party to unseat the French president.

Macron pulled-the-plug on his “fuel tax” Wednesday after weeks of violent demonstrations throughout the country that caused gas prices to skyrocket and supplies to be dwindling across France.

The move is a new swipe at Macron and his government, dramatically weakened by weeks of “yellow vest” protests.

The government is trying to calm tensions but is not having much success. The Transport Minister met Thursday with truckers’ unions but to no avail, because they so far have kept their promise to go on strike Sunday.

From Fox News:

Paris police and store owners are bracing for new violence at protests Saturday, despite President Emmanuel Macron’s surrender over a fuel tax hike that unleashed weeks of unrest.

Police unions and local authorities are holding emergency meetings Thursday to strategize — while disparate groups of protesters are sharing plans on social networks and chat groups.

After the worst rioting in Paris in decades last weekend, many shops and restaurants in the center of the capital are expected to shut down Saturday, fearing a repeat of the violence.

Macron on Wednesday agreed to abandon the fuel tax hike, but protesters’ demands have now expanded to other issues.

Protesting students are disrupting schools and universities Thursday, and drivers are still blocking roads around France, now demanding broader tax cuts and government aid.

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