A reporter from the Oregonian was hit with a projectile thrown by an antifa domestic terrorist. I will bet you on Sunday multiple fake journalists will attribute it to Trump even though it was perpetrated by one of their own. They will say his tweets about fake news was responsible. Oregonian reporter, Eder Campuzano could be seen with blood running down his face and arm just before the paramedics got to him and gave him aid.

Antifa was their usual selves causing violence wherever they went and tomorrow, you will hear the fake news claim there was violence from both sides, but remember how they tried to crucify Trump when he said the same thing about Charlottesville. That is exactly what I expect from the left. Never tell the truth because the truth does not help their cause.

From The Gateway Pundit

Far left communists of “antifa” clashed with the Trump-supporting Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon Saturday. Though the groups have clashed several times over the last year and a half, the August 4th edition is shaping up to be like none other, as both groups are upping the ante.

Portland police were bracing for a bloody rally and tried to prevent people from bringing guns to the event.

The rally turned bloody Saturday afternoon after a black clad Antifa thug clubbed a conservative activist with what appears to be a flag.

He is okay and getting medical attention,” reported Tyler Dumont

Portland has been a hotbed for riots because almost everyone there is deranged. Either they get involved in the violence or they condone it and make up excuses for it. They don’t even care that antifa actively attacked the police with rocks and bottles.

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