Another conservative was arrested when she tried to enter Englandistan.  Canadian YouTuber and right-wing activist Lauren Southern was arrested as she tried to enter the UK by bus. It seems she said something previously found to be insulting to Muslims and thereby disqualifying her from entering the country. Englandistan is quickly becoming the largest Muslim controlled country in Europe. You can denigrate Christians and Catholics all day long and Englandistan will welcome you with open arms but insult Allah or his followers and you are becoming an endangered species where the freedom of speech disappeared years ago, unless you hate the right things.

From The Gateway Pundit

Southern was travelling to the UK by bus when she was singled out by border police and taken in for questioning. The Gateway Pundit attempted to call her cellphone, but it was immediately sent to voicemail.

Sellner and Pettibone had been detained and denied entry for him planning to give a speech and her plans to interview right-wing journalist and UK citizen Tommy Robinson.

Following the questioning, Southern messaged Pettibone and told her that they were taking her phone and placing her in detention.


More…. Lauren was denied entry because she spoke out against radical Islam — which is not a race.

What do you suppose would happen if the United States were to arrest every liberal from Englandistan who tried to enter our country. Now, do you see the wisdom of the Founding Fathers when they tossed the British out of the country?


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