The largest US manufacturing group in America, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has released a video they plan to broadcast in all of the swing states, praising the Trump tax reform bill and they will also be joining with The Koch brothers, who will use it to reach out to millennials. The video will include companies announcing increases in pay and benefits as well as bonuses, all made possible through the tax reform. The ads will run in the swing states of  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio, where there are many hotly contested House races. The ads will emphasize the benefits to manufacturers and their employees that were brought about because of the tax cuts.

From The Daily Caller

The video kicks off with a flashback to a speech from President Donald Trump, where he told the American people tax reform would be “rocket fuel” for the U.S. economy. The remainder is a collage of clips reminiscing on the days and months since Trump signed the GOP tax bill into law in December 2017.

Voters will see clips of AT&T, Starbucks and other major American companies announcing they would increase wages, benefits and investment in response to tax reform. They will also see manufacturing workers thank the president for the tax bill.

It’s very likely that other groups will produce similar videos because so many democrats are saying they plan to raise taxes if they become the majority. If the tax cuts are rolled back, many companies who gave out huge raises based on those cuts could be badly hurt if the Democrats could reimpose them. They would be willing to spend some serious cash to prevent that from happening. Companies recorded record profits for the first quarter and the tax collections still set a record for th most money collected in a quarter.


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